Work faster by creating and managing your marketing campaigns in one core tool

HeyLouise gives you:

  • Time-saving collaboration tools
  • Finally an understandable structure for your marketing resources
  • A unified brand identity across channels
  • … and more time to be creative

You get the best features of project management tools and digital asset management systems in one tool builtĀ specifically for the marketeer.

The platform for marketingĀ 

Built for your daily work as marketeer

Assemble all of your marketing resources in one place. Use HeyLouise’s purpose-built project management functionality to plan, delegate and understand your tasks. HeyLouise helps you iterate on what really matters, instead of fighting with multiple tools and cloud drives.


Dashboard that gives you a unified overview of your all campaigns.

Campaign planning and management

Set the strategy and goals for your campaign, plan your campaign content and monitor your content roll-out and performance in one and the same tool

Understand your full marketing mix

Every content counts, even that on non-digital channels.HeyLouise lets you keep track of it all, from the digital ads to printed outcomes and brochures.

Version control

HeyLouise automatically tracks the version history of your content. Understand your changes and restore older versions if needed.

Share your content with external collaborators

Easily share your content with external collaborators without requiring them to sign-up to HeyLouise. Auto-update shared content when a new version arrive.

AI-powered search

All images are automatically searchable by the objects, text and celebrities that appear in them.

Your pains, our solutions

Agil marketing workplace

“Best practices are just best ideas”

Manage, create and iterate on your campaigns, content, channels, landing pages and personas in one purpose-built tool that nudges you towards best practice. Understand how your marketing resources connect and how they can be improved!

“What’s the latest version?”

HeyLouise automatically tracks and saves your version history. You never again have to doubt what version is the latest and can easily see the changes made to your content.

Agil marketing workplace
Log of changes
AI search
labels for blue when using ai

“What was the filename?”

No more mindless work searching for lost files with forgotten file names. It isn’t an asset if you can’t find it! In HeyLouise, objects, text and even celebrities are automatically tagged by AI in your images. And you can always tag all content to your heart’s content!

We want to be the platform where you assemble your marketing mix

HeyLouise is the tool to use whether you are the SoMe Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Outdoor Manager or Product Manager. The place where your marketing work starts and where your co-creation and insight generation begins.

always in process as marketing

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