Case – first try

The case that established the idea of HeyLouise

A step-by-step guide to do agile marketing

How to create an agile campaign

Just handling campaigns with a more agile method resulted in insight and learnings that overwhelmed the team with new ideas and led to continuously creative takes on a new copy, designs, or channels.

How it started

New solutions often come from some kind of pain.
In this case, the Marketing manager was sick and tired of not having any brand alignment on the company’s different channels.

Neither was there any brand alignment on the user journey, so the communication the customer met on their way to search and understand the products had many different messages.

Case - trying out the agile method

The process

Weekly meetings with a shared view of performance, insights, and obstacles to be discussed.  

By our weekly meetings, we were able to constantly improving the copy and design on ads, landing pages, and posts for gaining even better performance and to led the sales team in overwork.

Starting with two very different posts on Facebook to see reactions, monitoring and optimizing performance, whereafter spreading the impact on other channels using copy with similar tone and voice supported with design.


There was a need to make a difference. A need for producing a new type of content, creatives, and traction, and definitely a need to optimize the process for a better team effort. 

So we decided to set up a team containing a copywriter, Google ads Manager, SoMe manager, Sales, designer, Email Manager, and marketing manager.

Define a brief, like it was manifest, containing a content board, look and feel, and OKR’s to build, measure, and learn. 

When orchestrating and assemble all activities in one place, the case shows, that you gain so much knowledge and shared insights from across domains, that it’s hard to even stop sharing. 

impact from campaign


The result

The result of the campaign was overwhelming.

The campaign was simply stopped due to an overload of sales. 70% more leads were generated than estimated and only 54% of the budget was used.

A success for everyone involved, a hunger for more of the same and this platform. 





Our values

We support marketing in their daily struggle with structure, overview, and insights, so they can focus on the build, create and execute.

The whole process behind the doing of marketing is today divided into tools and applications, that are specialized for other terms and use cases and not for handling and orchestration the daily work in marketing leaving the team frustrated and fire shooting in all directions without any goal. 


Research shows that 68% have difficulty creating, managing, and sharing their plans in a busy workday. 81% are missing a single unified view of their campaigns and 74% of marketers express that they have poor control and follow-up on their resources and priorities.

We believe that overview, structure, and insights are good terms for collaboration and with that – more time to be creative and having a good workday.


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