Persona template used in HeyLouise

Persona template used in HeyLouise

As a part of our framework, we use the Empathy Map to define a persona.

It works well when you define your customer or personas with empathy instead of the usual demographic terms. For starters, the empathy map helps you to define the surroundings of your customer. Helps define their problems and needs, so you know, how to help them and to understand what they want to achieve. A much more empathic understanding is always a good way forward.

Is a good idea to brainstorm all possible users of your service or product. Then select the three of your users and start to define them as a persona, that you and your team can relate to.

When we work with personas, we event give them a name. That makes them easier to remember and easier to visualize when you work on your content.

We are using the Empathy Map Canvas by XPLANE and Alexander Osterwalder. Please view their medium article here:

How to define a persona with the empathy template

What does she/he:

  • See?
  • Hear?
  • Think and feel?
  • Say and do?
  • What is her/his pain?
  • What does she/he gain?
Canvas to use for defining and building personas
Canvas for defining a persona from the empathy guidelines.

We started with the guidelines from Osterwalder, where we wrote down and defined the topics from top to down on the list.

And by using this method, we were able to define and name our demo personas, who are very interested in designing big things out of paper.

Please take a closer look at our personas:

If you want to get on with HeyLouise but need more details. Please book a free meeting with Anne – right here:

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Kanban board for marketing

Kanban board for marketing

We created a Kanban board for you

Then you can have both your production as a ‘ticket’, but still keep your versions, feedback, and history on one and the same page.

On top of that, we also keep track of your tasks, so you know, what you have to work on tomorrow. That makes it easy to combine both your overall goals and the details. 

So, how does it work? Well…

When you create a campaign in HeyLouise, you will have a long list of content, that you need to create. That list is converted into a Kanban board where you can assign, mention, and add reviewers, deadlines, and referrals to other important information as you create and produce the content. 

The ticket looks like this:

Every source has the same features

For every type of resource in HeyLouise, you can add the same elements. Comments, reviewers, tasks, attachments. 

And why? Because we know, how much information is needed to collaborate and to create content? It’s not just the copy. It’s also the image, the personas, and the source of inspiration that is combined with the one creation. 

Kanban makes it easier to collaborate

When it is visual, I seem to remember faster and to understand the task better. And when working in cards on a board, where images and copies are side by side, I can clearly see and identify the tasks, that are needed to be done. 

The cards can be moved and change automatically the status of the task. 
So when you move the task from planned to in progress, it changes inside the page, so you always have the aligned status of your overall task. 

Kanban is not a unique thing

But why use this Kanban, why not use Trello or Inside the page with your content, you have a long list of memory. You can see all versions of your content. You can share it from this page and even find it again. No matter what name you called the file. 

And then, HeyLouise is for marketing. And not just a generic tool for project management. 



See what's inside

Overview of tasks

Here is where you can work with your tasks, plan and prioritise all elements in the campaign. All campaign activities and materials can be assigned owners, due dates and publish dates.

Brand management

Setup brand guide, personas and key assets for your campaigns and never loose sight of them as you plan and create your campaigns.

Create and iterate in the same view

Here is where you can work with your tasks, planning and prioritizing all elements in the campaign. Where you can assemble all your activities before the due date and with publish date for more control before launching your campaigns. 

Find assets easily

When the boss asks you to find the "that image with the blue guitar" and send it to the sales team, how long does it take you to find it? You know, the one with the rainbow visible. Too often you have to spend needless time searching for it in a ever-changing list of file drives and email inboxes, before having to email the photographer and ask for her to send it again Don't worry. We have all been there. And that's why HeyLouise comes equipped with AI-powered search that can recognize text and objects.

When did your campaign peak?

Combine your Google Analytics with your campaign plan to easily correlate your campaign plan with your campaign's performance. Learn what performed and what needs more work.

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