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Overview of tasks

Here is where you can work with your tasks, plan and prioritise all elements in the campaign. All campaign activities and materials can be assigned owners, due dates and publish dates.

Brand management

Setup brand guide, personas and key assets for your campaigns and never loose sight of them as you plan and create your campaigns.

Create and iterate in the same view

Here is where you can work with your tasks, planning and prioritizing all elements in the campaign. Where you can assemble all your activities before the due date and with publish date for more control before launching your campaigns. 

Find assets easily

When the boss asks you to find the “that image with the blue guitar” and send it to the sales team, how long does it take you to find it? You know, the one with the rainbow visible. Too often you have to spend needless time searching for it in a ever-changing list of file drives and email inboxes, before having to email the photographer and ask for her to send it again Don’t worry. We have all been there. And that’s why HeyLouise comes equipped with AI-powered search that can recognize text and objects.

When did your campaign peak?

Combine your Google Analytics with your campaign plan to easily correlate your campaign plan with your campaign’s performance. Learn what performed and what needs more work.

Structure is good. Overview is even better. HeyLouise gives you both. 

We know that marketing teams struggle with orchestrating their marketing activities. When you succeed, it is despite losing hours searching for the latest versions of files and by relying on gut instincts instead of actionable insights from previous campaigns. It is an inefficient process that makes hard work of the menial tasks of marketing. The fun is lost in the fringes of spreadsheets, mail inboxes, file drives.

HeyLouise wants to change that.

That’s why we’ve designed a marketing collaboration platform, specifically with the marketeer in mind, that brings together the best elements from project management tools, digital asset management services, and marketing automation platforms.

It isn’t meant to be one platform to rule them all, you do not have to compromise in choosing which tool, e.g., is best for SEO research or Facebook automation. But it is the point of departure as you and your team plan, create, understand and evaluate your campaigns. It is a platform that frees time for creative and data-based work by automating and solving the menial tasks that keep getting in the way of you excelling.

We are not done building HeyLouise. But we are well on our way and hope that you will join us on the journey.

Move steady – execute faster

A case study of an agile process. How to work with agile marketing. A step-by-step description of how to work with data, designs, and sales as a team with a mission to learn. 

When orchestrating and assemble all activities in one place, the case shows that you gain an instant win a high ROI by just running one single campaign.

Just handling campaigns with a more agile method resulted in insight and learnings that overwhelmed the team with new ideas and led to continuously creative takes on a new copy, designs, or channels.

Read our case of working agile and how it established the foundation for HeyLouise.

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