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We tailormade this system to marketing. Tailormade it to fit the needs of creating, briefing, planning, and reporting.

Here you can get more in to detail about what we have developed and what we think is best practice.

Dashboard of campaigns


Dashboard of all your activities so you can see, what is to come, what’s going on, and what is finished.  An easy overview of all your activities for all your co-creators. 

The dashboard is divided in to workspaces, so you have control of your brand awareness and your priorities. 

Ideal to share with management team and as a monday start. 

Create campaign view


A marketing campaign is an organized course of action to promote and sell a product through different channels – typically a specific type of media, such as television, radio, print, and/or a social media network.

Defining a campaign’s goal usually dictates what activities are needed, what ad materials should be created, and what channels would be the most effective for reaching a specific segment of consumers.

In HeyLouise, you can manage your campaigns throughout their complete lifecycle: From the early planning phase to the creative production phase where ad materials are created, to the execution and monitoring phase where you track the impact that your campaign has had in relation to its intended goals.

The building stones


A marketing channel is one of the mediums or methods by which you reach your intended customer.

A channel might be fully digital, such as e.g., Facebook, Google Ads, or MailChimp, but can also ultimately take physical form, such as print paper ads.

In HeyLouise, you create channels and use them as ‘lanes’ for marketing activities in your campaigns. Ultimately allowing you to coordinate your activities across the different channels and track the impact that each channel has on the overall success of your campaign(s).

Channel preview
Control your asset and create material


Materials are the ads and content that your marketing campaign consists of, e.g., an HTML ad banner, a Twitter post, and a bus bench ad.

A material should always be considered as specific to a particular campaign and marketing channel.

Common for most materials is that they are produced in a creative process that takes one or more assets from your asset library as their starting point. For example, a simple poster might use your product’s logo and CTA, both of which you have stored in your asset library.

Assets screendump


Assets are the shared elements that are used to define your brand like logo, graphic elements, copy, icons. All the bits and pieces that are reused throughout your campaign.

In other words, all the parts are combined together to create your ad materials.

When uploading your assets into HeyLouise, you will be able to find them within seconds and save a lot of frustrating back and forth searching for them.

You can even see what materials the assets are used in and reuse the assets as much as you like.


A marketing persona is commonly defined as a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience. In other words, a semi-fictitious representation of one of your ideal customers, their backgrounds, goals, challenges, and so on.

A marketing persona should represent a specific segment of your target market, not all of it. Likewise, a marketing persona is not supposed to detail one specific person and should not be based on one specific individual.

Why are personas important? Well, first of all, it’s important to know how you are talking to. Who do you want to engage with your products and brand? You might have more success with two distinct messages targetting two separate personas instead of one generic message aimed at both.

In HeyLouise, you can create personas and link them to campaigns, materials, and assets so you can always track who you are targetting and with what.

As a template to create your own persona inside HeyLouise, we have used the canvas ‘Empathy’ – you can read more about the canvas here: https://heylouise.app/persona-template-used-in-heylouise/

Create personas
product view


A product is an item that serves as a solution to a specific consumer problem.

In HeyLouise, products are what the rest of the system evolves around. Your assets, materials, brand guides, and campaigns are all in one way or another related to a product.

Use them as a high-powered tag that allows you to understand your marketing activities – what are you marketing, how, when, and where?

Branding guide

A brand guide is a rulebook that guides how an organization/brand/product should be presented to the world through its logo, font, color palette, photography, tone and etc.

In other words, it’s a reference tool that helps ensure consistency in how a brand looks, feels and sounds, across customer service, marketing, design, and sales.

In HeyLouise you will find the brand guide as a solid rock, that can be added to any campaign and be shared along with the brief.

Create personas
Landing page screen dump

Landing page

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a campaign. It is where a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link in an email, or ads from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or similar.

Unlike ‘traditional’ web pages, which typically serve multiple purposes at once and therefore encourage exploration, landing pages have a singular focus, known as a call to action (or CTA) associated with a particular product.

Connect your Google Analytics here and get an instant overview of traffic on your landing page while your campaign is running.

When signing up for our 30 days trial, you will get access to the Team plan. After 30 days we will ask for credit card information, where you can choose to up or downgrade your plan.

Your access will be provided to our Beta version. Please note, that we in the future will raise the prices as the HeyLouise platform will evolve. 

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