We are aiming to support the users in the agile process and to be able to assemble all the essential documents, ads, and performance data in one place. 

Publish automatically

Publish directly from HeyLouise into your channels. We are working hard to do integrations, so you can publish automatically and save time by having all your content, images, and documents in one place. But for now, you will have to copy paste …

The integrations we will be looking at first is:

Facebook / instagram
Google Ads


Integration - integration - integration

We know you work on several platforms, channels, and formats. A cross-platform attribution tool that actually works across walled gardens – is what we are aiming for. But there is a long list of integrations, that we need to take care of. 

Therefore, we have started with the biggest. 

We are waiting for approval from  Google Analytics and Facebook. 

Content board

How does a collected board with your content into a board of verbs and nouns sounds? A board, that provides you with an overview of your best CTA’s, your best titles, and subtitles segmented on your target groups for you to benefit from your creative mind and to reuse and reproduce on the best results. 

A board of tone and voice. A place to collect and to collaborate about your brand. 

Version control

Get rid of your double content and let us control your versions of your creative materials. Instead of keeping track of changes in drives, emails, or manual folders. Let us help you save time and keep an eye out for changes. 

Advanced PM

We now finished our kanban board. And it’s totally cool. You can drag and drop your tickets and easily get an overview when your images are visualized along with channels, personas, and deadlines. 

AI search including your tags

If you use tags on your assets or materials inside of HeyLouise you can now search for your tags with our special AI search. 

And when adding this new little but big improvement feature, we also made the result page even better. 

Got any questions?

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