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Supports your agile marketing

We know it’s time absorbing to chase all the details and documents that are needed to plan and execute marketing campaigns. That’s why we have developed these services to provide and support your effort in doing agile marketing. One single marketing tool – for all of your activities. 

Plan your campaigns

Create plans and an overview of your campaigns and marketing effort. Tigh your briefs, strategies, and design guides along with your plans.

Manage your assets

Collect all your images, copy, ideas, and videos for managing and control. Instead of overwhelming drives, emails, and folders.

Work from one starting point

Collaborate from one single truth and don’t get mixed up without knowing your latest version of your material for your campaign.

Learn from your effort

Connect your campaign material with your analytics to get a transparent view across your channels. To get insights and knowledge.

Improve on the run

When combining the material and performance across channels. You can benefit from best practices and optimize your campaign in the run.

Support your gots feelings

Document your effort and show your reports in a second. Give easy access to your manager, clients, or stakeholders.

Ads + Analytics = Control

Gain control of your marketing when combining ads with your analytics. In other words, with HeyLouise you get both a visual and a statistical view in one place. In addition, you can even store all your documents and strategic moves along with your results.

For now, we are connected with your Google Analytics and your Facebook account. After that, we will see even more integration.


Force to the marketer

We want to give you control and peace of mind. However, we know that is hard in the daily struggle of executing marketing. 

But we believe, that by giving you a tool that combines all your efforts, documents, and assets, you can overcome most of your daily frustrations and time absorbing treadmill tasks. In addition, you can spend your time being more creative and focused on the tasks that really matter.

Co-creative development

We are in constant development – co-creating with our customers. From the basics of creating plans and creating a structure to your marketing. We are now building the bulk upload and redefining connections across products, assets, and materials to personas, channels, and campaigns.

After that, we will focus on controlling your versions of your images. In other words, you can upload your bundles of materials, creatives, and images and easily find the latest without using hours head down your drive.

Take a peek at what we are working on.



CMOs are evolving their teams through increased centralization, more functional alignment and continued exploration of agile marketing practices. These changes are helping build more scalable, flexible and resilient marketing organizations


Marketing Survey 2020, Gartner

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