Creating a manifest

The manifest is a commitment to what your goal is. The purpose of the following activities includes your aims. 

To share a common goal makes things more equal in reverse to compare goals of each channel for a campiang. Focus on the attribution and not on the different measurements.

Is all about setting the expectations and defining the setup with:

  • Persona
  • Achievements
  • Ideas from results

List all your tasks

All your activities must be listed. And of course, you can not set up everything from start, as something might come up later. But the important thing is to prioritize all your tasks and your time and then discuss the amount of workload, that you are facing. What is needs to be done and what is nice to be done.

Plan, assign, and estimate all your tasks – over and over, as priorities seem to change.

When reviewing the plan, you and your team should agree on, what needs to be done in a certain time spend and what’s not, to be able to move forward. That is called a sprint in developer terms. And I actually think, that’s a good match to marketing as well.

*Estimate – assessment of time to perform a task

Use a kanban board to organize and prioritize. In a kanban board, you can drag and drop your tasks and see where in the process your task is. Whether it’s in process, on hold, or, the best place a task can be, done.


View the Kanban of HeyLouise

Kanban board in HeyLouise

Working in sprints

A  good sprint will reflect steps for expanding your activities on a mix of ads and channels that reflect your users’ journey. 

When adding ads and channels in steps while working in your sprints, you can achieve a more cost-benefit campaign or launch of a product. Therefore, I can only recommend, to have a shared place to hold your assets and elements to your materials for your campaigns. The benefit of having that shared common ground of logos, copies, and other elements, so it’s easy to create new material for your campaign or product launches and to expand it to a new channel for supporting the customer around your content and domains. 

But most important is the team. 

The team is the most important resource when working agile. A team with different skills and with a shared vision – is a strong team. 

Good advice is to invite all people along the user journey.  

Build – measure –  learn

Sprints are designed to learn and to grow you and your business

When you build in your sprints, you will most likely take the first tasks, that have the highest value. But it might not be the best start. Take some of the steps, that make value in quick turnovers. Where you can measure the results quickly and learn form it. So you can build the value up higher and bring in your learnings to the next sprint. 

It’s pretty easy. You just need to ask yourself, what went well and what was not so good. Do you test your content and graphics for better results, twist and turn it once again for an even better result next time and take the step up, to add another channel to your campaigns. 

Agile development works hand-in-hand with customer development. Unlike typical yearlong product development cycles that presuppose knowledge of customers’ problems and product needs, agile development eliminates wasted time and resources by developing the product iteratively and incrementally. It’s the process by which start-ups create the minimum viable products they test.

Steve Blank

Harvard Business Review

The perspectives

To end the entire campaign a good round-up is to do a shared retrospective. 

Ask yourself and your team, what went good, was not so good. And what would you like to do over and – if you have any questions. 

Use a shared board, like Googles Jamboboard to collect your thoughts and reflections.  

Jamboard to create a retroperspective

Use a simple Jambord to create the retrospective. Here is our template. You can grab it here -> The HeyLouise Google Jamboard template

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