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We believe that only by removing the barriers currently present in both the creative and evaluative aspects of marketing, and by linking the two, will true agile marketing be possible.

We Know What Works

Marketing is changing rapidly. New formats, channels, and requirements. To keep up – you just work faster. But hold it … we are introducing to you a hold new method of doing marketing. The Agile Form. It saves you hours of miscommunication and hours with your head down in emails and drives. 

Doing so for over 10 years of agile management in both IT-development but also in the marketing department. Changing the manner and ways to plan, monitors, and execute.


When doing so – doing marketing agile – we ended up executing the projects under budget and over performed on leads. A rocket 200% over!

A tool collecting the inputs, the outputs, and the results gives you the front seat for changing the outcome of your marketing activities. By not only standing by and watch but by changing in the making when having results at hand. 

Our team

the team behind HeyLouise

Anne Cecilie Pape

Anne Cecilie Pape

Founder & CEO

Experienced marketing manager with knowledge back form the days, when printed catalogue was the best thing – ever! Moved in to a digitale transformation from print to online and ended up in the IT department to develop products, campaigns and other disruptive app’s that benefited the business. Besides building HeyLouise – Mom to two teenage girls and a cat. 

Mikkel Kramme Abildtoft

Mikkel Kramme Abildtoft

Founder & CTO

Developer, Philosopher and a hard worker. Loves the problem and like to create the solution with bites and bytes. Has been working with developing databases, user interfaces and app’s for health care professionals and has now started a new journey to understand the marketing jargon and creative world.

Patrick Bassing

Patrick Bassing

Founder & Cino

I have a masters degree in Computer Science from the IT University of Copenhagen. I’ve worked as a developer both in the consulting industry and medical industry, as well as a few years of experience in the hosting industry.
My specialty in the team is AI. I’ve done plenty of this in the past, making intelligent systems and (physical) robots. Let’s see how far we can take AI within Martech!

Let's Work Together!

We are always looking for people, who are just as passionate about agile process and marketing. Don’t be shy! 


Emil Holms Kanal 14, 2300 København S

(+45) 30382810


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